Think Advocacy



NCADD-NJ needs your help to shape state addiction policy. NCADD-NJ makes it easy to have your voice heard by legislators. Let's work together.

Very few lawmakers have a clear understanding of what makes sound addiction policy. When they are contacted by individuals who know and care deeply about the prevention, treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, they listen. You may think your voice will not make a difference. It will. Collectively our voices are successful and carry great influence.

Get your voice heard by becoming a member of THINK ADVOCACY. NCADD-NJ makes it easy - With our simple and convenient online communications tools, within minutes you'll be able to voice your concerns and make a difference regarding important addiction issues.

THINK ADVOCACY is made up of members just like you. It is a collaborative effort involving concerned individuals, volunteers and addiction professionals from each of the state's 40 legislative districts, working to shape the outcome of legislation in Trenton. NCADD-NJ will inform and provide you with everything you need to get your message heard.

Why become a member of THINK ADVOCACY?
As an advocate for the prevention, treatment and recovery from alcohol and drug addiction, you are in a unique position to communicate your needs and experience to elected officials in Trenton. Each year decisions are made by the New Jersey Senate and General Assembly that will impact addiction policy for years. Legislative decisions can affect you, your family and friends.

Your participation in the legislative process is vital to encourage legislators to support public policies that advance treatment and prevention. 


Here are some benefits: Membership is free and NCADD-NJ informs you on legislative activities with:

~ Capitol Talks  and the Road to Recovery Campaign

~ Newslinks, and training information.

At NCADD-NJ, we know your time is valuable and will only ask you to contact legislators when:

~ It is essential to have your support for a bill to prevent or treat alcohol and drug addiction.

~ To defeat legislation that will hurt efforts to have addiction recognized as a public health problem.

This information will be sent to the email address you provide when you become a member. You will also receive e-mail Action Alerts to inform you about proposed laws that could shape the prevention or treatment of alcohol and drug addiction. Together, our collective voice will be heard to promote positive change in addiction policy.