Public Policy

The policy unit publishes blogs, and issues an online publication, Capitol Talks, which discusses specific pieces of legislation and provides testimony before the New Jersey Legislature. In addition, a candidate survey on issues pertinent to addiction and mental health is mailed to all candidates and the responses from candidates are posted to the website. NCADD-NJ has produced a health care reform series, numerous in-depth primers detailing problems and providing research on potential solutions. Subjects of these primers include Closing New Jersey’s Addiction Treatment Gap and Treatment Instead of Incarceration.


Policy staff and volunteers also strive toward common goals through working in coalitions with like minded organizations. Most recently, we have joined with NJ Citizen Action to introduce a verbal substance screening tool in to the state’s high schools, the NJ Mental Health Association on integrating mental health and substance misuse therapy and convening the NJ Parity Coalition to enhance insurance coverage for people seeking behavioral health treatment.

In 2008, NCADD-NJ created the Advocacy Leader Program, through which an addictions issues constituency has been built. The program now has over 500 members representing 38 of the state’s 40 legislative districts. The advocacy effort also recruits members to become Leadership Partner Program   and to sign up for the Think Advocacy database. The Advocacy Leader Program and the overall advocacy efforts of the Unit have made great use of social media tools including Facebook and Twitter.



Archived information is available online which includes position papers, Perspective Journals, Press Releases and Primers